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  • Professorklein on 2011-Dec-14 12:40:29 Professorklein said

    Rekusha ran away from home after his father's death from a three headed dragon.

    He left to become a warrior and avenge his father. Rekusha was taken in by a tribe
    and trained. He returned home to his widowed mother, his little sister and a baby brother.

    Although Rekusha wears a variety of armors, he usually wears his iconic helmet and polearm, which usually has a red band attached to it. After becoming still stronger and wiser, Rekusha eventually becomes a Dragon Knight.

    Rekusha is very quiet and speaks only when necessary. His mentor gave him his name which means "Dragon" in an unknown and forgotten language. His birth name is Kai.

    Rekusha is created by Francis Genares.

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